If you write poems, make up riffs, or just have a desire to express yourself with your own words and music then you are already a songwriter. With the help of SongMakers we can mentor your ideas into fully formed and performable songs. There is a reason we use the word Mentor rather than Lesson. You can’t teach songwriting as there are no rules or limits but there are some tried and tested guidelines to help merge your ideas into something an audience will love. Once the songs are written they can be performed at local open mics or recorded at the fantastic studio here on site.

Uma is one of my regular songwriting students over at De Rosa’s Music Hub in Bishops Stortford. At 11 years old I think you’ll agree she is a serious talent. She came over to SongMakers last summer to sing in a professional recording studio for the first time (with a little help from her tutor) If you know someone like Uma – GET IN TOUCH !!