Happy Customers

Great experience so far and always looking forward to my lessons. Steve always comes up with a new challenge to keep me motivated and ensures I see real progress every week. Can highly recommend! Andrea Begutsch

“Steve Young teaches my 11 year old daughter singing/songwriting and guitar. Steve is a rare find! He has really helped build my daughter’s confidence creating exciting opportunities for her, including recording in a studio. Steve brilliantly teaches her skills to enable her to shape her ideas and construct and perform her own songs. He is very supportive whilst gently pushing her to improve her singing and guitar technique. My daughter really enjoys working with Steve – she always leaves his lessons buzzing with a new idea or melody!” Jane, Saffron Walden

” I was told when I first started playing the guitar that the best way to improve was to join a band (so I did- Wednesday@7) and it is true. However, all  bands need their George Martins, Tony Visconti’s (showing my age) etc. to smooth out the rough edges, guide them and sprinkle their creative magic  whether rehearsing, gigging or in the studio and to stop you frustratingly going down musical blind alleys.

Steve Young has been with us from the beginning and has guided us with ideas and patience all the way through. Without Steve’s help and creative magic our studio experiences and results would never have been so good and I believe, regardless of our individual ability when we first got together, we are now all better musicians both individually and as a group. I cannot recommend the SongMakers experience highly enough”

Richard Murrall  – Lawyer (but would have preferred to be Dave Gilmour and still trying!!)”

“Working with Steve has been brilliant, it has enabled me to be part of a much bigger and better musical experience than I would have the skills or resources to manage on my own. Steve brings a great set of musical knowledge along with a very engaging style of working. I would recommend Steve & SongMakers to you if you want to grow your musical skills and opportunities” Dave South – Chartered Engineer (retired)

“Blessed with an innate sense of musicality Steve’s gift is to listen, teach & harness
Helping you find your hidden talents.” Luke Fishpool – Michelin Chef

Although I already got my first drum set back in 1981 in my hometown Kassel in Germany the music thing never really got going for me back then. I always had the dream to be a musician but when I went to university and then later got a job in the banking industry in London I had stopped playing drums all together. Fast forward 20 years and for whatever reason I discovered my love for the drums again so I got myself a small electronic drum kit to practice a bit and joined a music class run by Steve Young. I was now the drummer of an adult Rock Band! What a turnaround! That was five years ago and it totally transformed my life. Suddenly there was a real purpose to play the instrument and to perform, to make songs. Under Steve‘s guidance in the last few years we tackled lots of cover songs and developed original songs. It almost feels unreal but now we have several live performances and studio recordings under our belt. Who would have thought? It’s been an incredible journey the last few years but with Steve‘s invaluable input we mastered all the challenges. Would I recommend Steve Young? Absolutely! We‘ve all grown so much as musicians under his guidance and with his support, we’re looking forward to the next musical challenge. Carsten Buck – Deputy Risk Manager