Guitar Lessons

It’s a very broad term but everyone has to start somewhere. A surprise birthday present or saved from a dusty grave in the attic, you have a guitar in hand & whatever your reasons, you can’t beat one-to-one lessons to tackle those tricky strings. YouTube is full of videos, how to play this, that or the other but a YouTube video doesn’t correct your posture, give you on the spot tips to a particular issue or give you motivation and encouragement. There are too many videos, too many books and most of my adult students have tried them all and given up. You simply can’t beat 30 years of experience sat opposite you in the same room. Lessons can be broken down into two catagories:

Rockschool Graded Books (Acoustic/Electric): Perfect for school aged students providing a structured weekly course with an exam at the end of it. Debut Grade is suitable for 6-8yr olds and generally a grade per year is expected. Not just for kids though, busy adults with limited time can benefit from the syllabus which gives very clear and definite home practice studies and a constant achievable goal. Students are welcome to bring in their own book if they prefer.

Contemporary Studies: More Ad-Hoc, this gives the student the chance to learn skills more tailored to their own taste. Style of music etc. Students can simply learn their favourite songs, how to achieve a particular goal e.g. that certain tricky riff or solo, or just learn general playing skills without the confines of a book. These lessons are most suited to teenagers and adults. More often than not the Contemporary Lessons lead to performance styled lessons which you can read about using the website menu